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Mane Netizen Exclusive Joel Embiid fans you won t want to miss this drop The will be dropping the Heritage 2022-23 NFT Collection - True North on and Mane Netizens who shop the drop stand to win a jersey signed by Embiid himself

LoadedLions_CDC The Mane Net 🦁 Mane Netizen Exclusive 🦁 Joel Embiid fans, you won’t want to miss this drop 🏀 The @sixers will be dropping the Heritage 2022-23 NFT Collection - “True North” on and Mane Netizens who shop the drop stand to win a jersey signed by Embiid himself 🖋️ Sharp & suave 🤝 cute & courageous. There's no stopping the Loaded Lions and Cyber Cubs now that they've joined forces! 🦁 #TheManeNet
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